Tripps Travel Network knows that Vegas vacations are typically packed full of shows, dinners, and events. With little time left for wandering around, here are some great ways to sneak in a little extra entertainment, for the perfect price.


Walking The Strip at night is often entertainment of its own, but with a properly timed stroll, travelers can witness a volcano erupting. The Mirage, in their perfectly landscaped front yard, has an active volcano.


  • Set to music from The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian tabla sensation Zakir Hussain; the explosions, lava, and fireballs are a sight to be seen. With two shows during the week and three shows on Friday and Saturday nights, there are ample opportunities to watch this free production. Crowds gather early, so plan the evening accordingly.


  • The Venetian Hotel and Casino transports visitors to the most romantic city in the world, with their gondola rides. While these rides aren’t free, the cost is quite affordable and they really make it easy to forget the hustle and bustle of the casino, shares Tripps Travel Network.


  • Float in groups, pairs, or on a private ride for two, beside cafes, under balconies, beneath bridges, and through the authentically decorated Venetian cityscape. Listen to the singing of the gondolier and, if you’re feeling particularly romantic, observe the Venetian tradition of kissing under each bridge.


  • Starting this year, the KA Theater in MGM Grand opens its doors for the ultimate insider tour of the KA Cirque du Soleil production. The production itself costs $165 million to pull off, but every Tuesday between 11 and 11:30 am, the public is welcome to sniff around.


Tripps Travel Network loves to help families and vacationers find great deals on fun things to do. Make sure to check out these great, affordable options.