Tripps Travel Network knows that the U.S. and Mexico are not any different in terms of voltage and power supply. For this reason, the electronics you would plug into any power is quite the same although you should consider bringing some connecting devices due to the following reasons.

In Mexico, bringing any electronics will require you to include their chargers so that you can make use of the installed power supply to helpĀ  with recharging them. Although some European countries and area in Africa would require you to bring an inverter to convert the power voltage to accommodate your device. Bringing a laptop or a camera together with their chargers from the United States to Mexico would only require you to have a surge protector due to some power overloads experienced in several places such as the rural regions or in some old hotels.

While those people using services from expensive hotels have no reason to worry about power overloads, Tripps Travel Network advises that if you decide to tour Mexico in your own way, it is necessary that you have some electronics. Which would safeguard your expensive devices from unstable power in some places.

Another thing Tripps Travel Network suggests taking note on is that there are some hotels which do not offer three button sockets, hence you might be required to bring an external switch that would help you connect your devices. Mexico still remains a very conducive place for vacationers, especially those touring the area from the U.S. because they do not need to apply for a visa.