Tripps Travel Network wants to make sure that whenever travelers set out on vacations, they are able to craft unique trips. One of the best ways to do this is to choose a destination that offers extraordinary events and attractions that are exclusive to the time of year that the traveler is visiting. April travelers have a number of options to choose from, including these great destinations that Tripps Travel Network recommends.

  • Thailand: From the 13th to the 15th of April, the citizens of Thailand will be taking part in one of its biggest events: the Songkran New Year Water Festival. This unique festival celebrates the New Year with an all-out water war as water is sprinkled all over crowds and attendees take to the streets with water guns, spraying their friends and family. The water is used also to pay respect to Buddha and elders in the community. With the avid festivities, Tripps Travel Network knows that travelers are sure to appreciate this unique experience.


  • Amsterdam: In the month of April, Tripps Travel Network shares that Amsterdam comes alive in many ways. At the end of the month the city celebrates King’s Day. Celebrations for this holiday include a number of festivities such as street parties where travelers can get involved with locals as they celebrate. April is also ideal in Amsterdam because it is the start of tulip season and when travelers attend they can see the flowers that this city is so well known for.


  • Hawaii: April is the ideal time for nature lovers to enjoy a trip to Hawaii. This is because April is the high season for whale watching in this island paradise. These gentle giants are especially prevalent in the warm waters of Maui where they come each and every year to breed and have their babies. It is important that those who want to catch this amazing event head to Hawaii before the whales leave in May.


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