Located on the Atlantic coast, Miami is the starting point for many cruise liners to set sail. Experience the beach life and alternative chic of Miami’s South Beach both day and night. There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and boutiques to choose from. Or take a trip to the island of Key West, home of artists, writers and New-Agers making the area an unusual and eccentric. Tripps Travel Network states that there are plenty of activities to enjoy including snorkeling, dolphin tours, parasailing and many other water sports.

Stroll along the Deco District with its 800 Art Deco style preserved buildings or take a trip to Coral Gable’s, an affluent neighborhood of Disneyesque style homes with streets lined with oak and giant banyans and hidden canals. Another district to experience is Calle Ocho, Little Havana with its Walk of Fame and festivals as well as cultural activities.

Tripps Travel Network recommends visiting the European inspired architecture of the Vizcaya Museum and its gardens and native forest, covering 50 acres. There are 400 years of style within its walls. With 17,500 pieces of art, the Lowe Art Museum is also worth a visit, as is the Wolfsonian museum with its 200,000 objects, including furniture, and propaganda and decorative art.

Ride an airboat or take a tram around the Everglades National Park to view the unique wildlife and plant life. You can also experience wildlife at the Miami Zoo, where the animals are not in cages, or the Seaquarium, which is home to sea turtles, sea lions, and manatees. Then get close to tropical birds and other exotic wildlife at Jungle Island with daily shows. Las Tripps Travel Network offers these tips for a one of a kind trip to Miami, Florida.