Tripps Travel Network reviews the beautiful location of Costa Rica by recommending some of the destination’s best hotspots to travel to each year. In a time when everyone is venturing to South America for tropical getaways, there are few places more beautiful or entertaining than the Guanacaste region.

Tripps Travel Network first recommends that travelers check out Playas Del Coco as a starting point to their adventures in Costa Rica for 2017 summer travel. When picking beaches to visit, there isn’t a more beautiful setting than this location nestled in the Gulf of Papagayo. Travelers get to enjoy sandy beaches and clear blue water with a backdrop of tropical vegetation. There are not many beaches where swimmers feel that they can take of tour of the jungle the moment they reach the sand.

Tripps Travel Network also recommends taking natural tours of the area to experience the wildlife and vegetation. When taking a nature hike, travelers can witness sea turtles, monarch butterflies, sloths, and even monkeys swinging from tree limbs. The vast array of wildlife that can be found in Costa Rica is an educational experience for travelers of any age group. One of the benefits of traveling to new countries is all of the differences that can be seen from home, and Costa Rica is a feast for the eyes, which is why this country’s name literally means the “rich coast.”

Many individuals choose a membership to Tripps Travel Network so that they can experience all the natural beauty of this area first hand.