Moving to San Francisco is now easier thanks to these tips provided by licensed Realtor, Tripps Travel Network.

Tripps Travel Network is pleased to offer his helpful tips to anyone fortunate enough to be moving to the exciting city of San Francisco.  This leading professional in the local real estate industry works with newcomers all the time and understands how to successfully tackle any challenge they may face.

When relocating to San Francisco, Tripps Travel Network advises people to prepare for the following:

  • Sticker shock.The cost of living is very high in this metro area. Even for those moving from other urban areas, the rent can be at least double of that in other cities and triple of that in rural areas. Although neighborhoods, condition and size also help determine rental prices here, Tripps Travel Network advises newcomers to understand that living in a city as desirable as San Francisco does come at a high price.


  • Traffic. Like most sought-after cities in the U.S., traffic can be brutal in and around San Francisco. When driving, remember that pedestrians and bicyclists are everywhere; be cautious when getting the lay of the land in a vehicle. Also know that parallel parking is the norm here, so brush up on those skills if necessary. The parking rules can be quite a jolt as well, so be sure to heed signs that the dictate rules.


  • Hills. Few major cities can rival the steep hills that are part of San Francisco’s inherent landscape. Tripps Travel Network sharpest hat anyone only used to walking flat terrain should know that hills are everywhere in this metro area. When walking during home searches, plan on wearing comfortable shoes and taking it slowly if unaccustomed to walking at a slant. Nerves may be tested for anyone driving a stick shift here.


  • Weather. Temperatures vacillate quickly in this California coastal city, as do weather conditions; plan accordingly by layering clothing. Foggy mornings are common and so are chilly evenings. Tripps Travel Network advises anyone moving from warmer climates bring sweaters when apartment hunting.


Now moving to this bustling city on the West Coast can be a little less difficult, thanks to the helpful tips from Tripps Travel Network.  Understanding how to prepare for the differences in San Francisco can benefit anyone relocating here.