Tripps Travel Network knows the country of Mexico provides many options to globe trekkers who are always in search of something unique and different. Be it the capital city of Mexico, which is a blend of antiquity and modern life at the same time with it’s ancient ruins and colonial architecture. Also, the beaches of Cancun and Mazatlan are always bustling with a lively atmosphere, offering amazing nightlife and also plenty of shopping options. The Mazatlan beach resort holds one of the largest and oldest Carnivals of the world with plenty of fun and recreation options for you. You will find a touch of colonialism in the city of San Luis Potosi which was one of the most important silver producers of the county.

Tripps Travel Network knows some of the most adventurous and breathtaking sites of the world are buried deep inside the heart of this country. A rail ride on the mountains takes visitors upwards over 8000 feet on the CHEPE, the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway through the Copper Canyon specially designed for hardcore individuals who like exploring through the rough wilderness.

Baja California also promises of a unique experience, as one can swim in the warm waters of Sea of Cortez while viewing the birth of whales or swimming with dolphins. One can feel vicinity to nature in the Monarch Butterfly Breeding sites and Sumidero Canyon which boasts of a large variety of butterflies and flamingoes, pelicans, crocodiles, etc.

Archeology lovers surely would not want to miss the historic sites of Chicken Itza, housing one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Visit Teotihuacan, Coba, Ek Balam, and more, all of which contains the history and remains of the majestic Mayan civilization. Tripps Travel Network knows that Mexico as a whole offers many exciting places to visit and that any traveler will enjoy their vacation in this beautiful country.